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Association of Forest and Hunting Workers of Serbia - Forest and Hunting is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in 2009 for an indefinite period, to achieve the objectives in the field of forestry, hunting, environmental protection, rural development and other related activities, implementation and improvement of traditional activities of forestry and hunting workers in Serbia. 

Association is formally registered in May 2012 in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. Members of the Association are professionals with extensive work experience in the field of forestry, hunting and environmental protection.

Association is member of IPSI (International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative) and WOCAT (World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies) network.

The main objectives of the Association


 The objectives for which it was established the Association of Forest and hunting are: improvement of forestry and hunting profession and science, improving the state of forests and wildlife, activation and promotion of economic actors in the field of forestry, hunting and related activities; implementation and improvement of the traditional activities of hunting and forestry workers in Serbia, protection of the interests of members; improvement of mutual cooperation between members; professional development of its members.

 The field of achieving the objectives are forestry and hunting (forest management and forest with wildlife and hunting), environmental protection, improve biodiversity, rural development, other related activities, as well as promoting the traditional activities of hunting and forestry workers in Serbia.


Application of classical methods of afforestation show constant negative tendency which is why the fight against desertification and land degradation, particularly in arid regions of Sands, is very complex and most often unsuccessful process.

One of the activities that our Association long and successfully engaged is afforestation in harsh environmental condition sand on soils of lower quality (including sands) with use a completely new patented technological process of raising tree plantations  (P 2013-0555), for which the Association has the exclusive right to use the license.

This new patented technology has already been successfully used in extreme habitats in terms of the accessibility of available water and nutrients in the soil, such as arid regions of sterile sands Ramsko golubačka peščara Sands.

This technology does not pollute the environment because it completely excludes the use of chemical agents in the control of undesirable plant species, which is vital for the quality of soil and groundwater, as well as for existing populations of wild animals.

This patented technology enables use of poor habitat conditions (high temperature, insolation and etc.) for a positive impact on the intense growth and developement of cultivated species of plants and dramatically shortens the time needed to reach the targeted purposes of the moment.

  Fructification of fruit tree species starting earlier, shelterbelts and snow protective belts are usable for far less time, the sands bind is faster, afforestation of degraded land and the process of rehabilitation and re-cultivation of land is shortened, production cycle of energy crops also takes less time and give faster return on investment.

Forests are home, food and shelter for many plant and animal species, so that raising the forest this technology also enables the improvement of biodiversity in far less time.

Drastically shorten the time needed to reach the desired purposes of young plantations in relation to the classical methods of reforestation, opens a completely new area for the development of rural areas through the planting of fruit species, development of beekeeping but also to create conditions for development of hunting and other economic sectors.

More about significance and quality of this patented technology can be found in the WOCAT Global Database of Sustainable Land Management.

If you want to find out more about our activities, please feel free to ask! We will be pleased to share our experience and knowledge with you!


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